Church-going has always been part of my life. One of my earliest memories is sitting as a family near the back of a packed church for Evensong every Sunday with crayons and a colouring book. When I was old enough i joined the choir and sang at Matins and Evensong every week as well as attending Sunday School in the afternoon. My family moved when i was age 10½, and the church I then started to attend was at the opposite end of the spectrum:  instead of Matins we had Sunday Mass, offered with great ceremony, bells and incense, and Evensong always concluded with Benediction. I was born in 1951, grew up in the east end of London, and left school in 1967 to start work at the age of 16. Ordained in 1984 in Winchester Cathedral, I served as a Curate in Lymington and then in Andover. Then from January 1990 I was in Leicestershire as Rector of Kegworth for 11 years, with a large parish church built in 1373, and at the same time was also Chaplain to the local Branch of the Royal British Legion and County Chaplain to the Order of St John - of which the St John Ambulance first aid and ambulance organisation is a part. I have been involved in the Scout movement since the age of 8, and at the present time I am Scout County Chaplain for Dorset. In Bournemouth I became Priest in Charge of St Alban' Parish in 2001, and then also Priest in Charge of St Luke's Parish in May 2010. These two parishes are now partnered with Moordown St John's to make a Group of three parishes, with Fr Stu Miller being Priest in Charge of St John the Baptist Parish and Canon Roy Matthews assisting me particularly at St Luke's. Fr Robin.