Copyright St Lukes Church, Winton, 2011 We’re an average, middle-of-the-road Church of England parish church offering praise to almighty God as perfectly as human imperfections allow. Services are dignified (without being too anglo-catholic). We sing traditional hymns and some modern worship songs (without being too happy-clappy). We cherish our common heritage with the Universal Church back through Christian history to the era of Christ and his Apostles in the first century. But we trust we are evangelical too in trying to preach the Gospel truthfully, recognising that it is the Holy Spirit who brings people to faith and commitment and that we need God’s grace to sustain us in discipleship. Weekday activities range from our weekly parents and toddler group to the fortnightly fellowship social club meetings, and monthly Friday coffee mornings. Copyright St Lukes Church, Winton, 2011 Welcome to St Alban’s,  Charminster. 15th